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Boys' Shared Room Tour

My boys have a 2.5 year age gap and absolutely love sharing a room together. Even though we have enough bedrooms for them to have their own, they wouldn't want to be apart.

We originally decided to put them together when we first moved into our house because the kids' rooms are upstairs and our bedroom is down. So we knew they would sleep better having each other for company.

Let's talk about their sleeping arrangements first!

Beds were a major score from Amazon! When I bought these last year they were less than $200. I think they've gone up a little bit but still totally worth it. The boys use them as trampolines quite regularly and they've held up and don't make a sound when you get on on them/roll around. I have them linked right here.

I also got their little nightstand on Amazon for a super affordable price. Nighstand and "okay to wake" color clock are both linked here. The "okay to wake" color clock stays red while they should be sleeping and turns green when it is okay to get out of bed. It works great for our 6 year old and we are still giving our 3 year old a bit of grace and helping him adjust to it.

Bedding is from Nod and Winks, twin in the Play Ball pattern. This is the kids brand from Beddy's. I 100% recommend this bedding if you have kids. Not only does it zip, helping my kids make their beds quickly, the covers stay on them all night, and they no longer hang off or fall out of their beds. It's an all in one set. It zips apart on the bottom, which tucks around the bed like a fitted sheet, and then the top sheet is sewn to the comforter. The twin sets also come with 1 matching pillow case and sham. The accent pillow is also from Beddy's and is the Beau Lumbar Pillow cover and insert. You can find all of the bedding here and use code LEMONPIE for 25% off.

Frames above their beds are from Michaels and I printed off two pictures of stadiums from my husband's favorite rugby and soccer team. I also ordered faux leather and felt from Amazon and used my cricut maker to create their name pendants.

Rug is from the Angela Rose x Loloi collection. It's the Amira collection in 8x10 color is Silver and Ivory. I have that right here.

The faux fiddle leaf is from Michaels as well, but I bought it 3 years ago. Amazon has a much better selection of affordable faux trees that are just as nice, if not nicer. You can find my curated list for those here.

The last thing I want to share about this space in their room is the grid wall. I have a few tutorials on this on Instagram. The color of this wall is Aleutian and it is such a gorgeous blue that has gray undertones. The rest of the walls are Sherwin Williams Icicle.

Here is my latest how to video for the grid wall.

Next let's go over the Lego Station/ future homework area!

It took me 2 weekends to create this lego building zone for my boys.


Paint sample in Aleutian Sherwin Williams

To make the desk I used two 19.5" metal brackets and drywall anchors to attach it to the wall. I chose to put my brackets 6 inches from the ends and placed them 34" high so that the .75 of an inch thick wood top would sit almost 35" high to mimic counter height.

Each bracket needed 3 drywall anchors and screws but the screw heads were too small for the bracket holes so I needed a washer for each of them to catch the screw.

Next I trimmed down my 20" deep project panel to 16" deep, saving the 4" piece for the small shelf. I stained the project panel early american and then screwed it from the bottom, again using washer to catch the screws through the bracket holes. I trimmed out the top with 1x2 select pine and used one of my kids book to guide me as I nail gunned it into place. I wanted a lip along the top to catch legos and I just made sure the 1x2 trim was even with the book spine all along the top as I attached it.

I used the leftover wood to make a shelf with L brackets. You don't have to do this, but I routed out the space for the L bracket so that it would sit more flush against the wall.

For the peg board I used 3/4" birch plywood and taped a grid with 4" squares. I then used a 5/8" wood boring drill bit and drilled SO MANY HOLES for the wooden dowel pegs. Make sure you only drill most of the way, then flip it over to finish the holes. This will reduce the wood splintering and having a blow out.

Then I painted it the same color as the grid wall in my boys' room. I used 1x4 unfinished boards and screwed that into studs after measuring out spaces where the peg holes wouldn't overlap. I used 2.5' wood screws and made sure the 1x4 was attached to studs in 3 different places. Then I screwed the peg board onto the wall over the 1x4s using 1.5" wood screws. To finish off the giant peg board, I framed it out in 1x2s that I also stained in Early American. I did have to take the shelf back down to nail gun the bottom piece onto the peg board.

For the dowels I used 5/8" by 72" wooden dowels, I cut 2 of these at a time using a line on my miter saw that was 6" from the blade. I then used my orbital sander and 60 grit sandpaper to sand the ends of them down a bit so they would fit in the holes on the peg board better. Then I just had some scrap 1/4" plywood that I trimmed down to make the shelves so my boys can display their lego creations.

For the letters at the top I cut out 1/4" MDF on my scrollsaw after making the letter and lego man stencils on my cricut. I then sanded the rough edges and spray painted them matte gray. The clear bins for the lego storage are super affordable at less than $3 for 1. I used 9 bins and will probably get 2 more because there's still enough room for them! I sorted the legos out by: Gray/Black, White/Clear, Browns/Tans, Greens, Yellows/Oranges, Reds/Pinks/Purples, and Blues/Teals. Then one bin is used for mini figures and accessories/animals, and one is for current kits they are working on. The rest of the kits will be stored in reusable zip up baggies in an under the bed storage box.

Lamp and stools are from Amazon. I will link the lamp here and the new stools I've ordered for the boys. While I like the look of the round adjustable stools on wheels, they are very unstable and I do not recommend them.

The last space I'm sharing on this Boys' Shared Room Tour is the reading nook!

I made these book display shelves two years ago using 5/8" dowels, and 1x3s. I painted them with Aleutian by Sherwin Williams to match the grid wall and attached them to to studs using L brackets.

I cut 4" pieces of the 1x3 for either end and as a middle piece to hold the dowels up from sagging. I made 2 holes the size of the dowels with a 5/8" wood boring drill bit and fed the dowels through. I put the whole shelf together before installing them on the L brackets. To close gaps due to uneven drywall I stuffed backerrod between the bottom piece of the book display shelf and the wall.

I made stencils out of cardstock with my cricut for READ letters, cut those out on my scrollsaw, and spray painted them navy. And the chairs are linked here.

I have one more quick project to add to the boys room, which is the two spaces of wall in between their three doors on the side wall, but for now this room is done!

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