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DIY Book Bin Table

Here's my best practice for keeping picture books tidy, picked up off the floor, and easily accessible for my kids:

This book bin table at just the right height for my then 2 and 4 year old!

Our first book bin table looked like this:

But was way too small for our of our books.

I used the legs and the bottom piece of wood from our old one to create the new one.

Next I cut 1x3s with mitered corners to create 3 rectangles.

Then I trimmed the large piece of plywood you see behind me in the above video to be the bottom of my book bin.

Next I cut the bottom piece of wood from the old book bin table to be the dividers for different secitons of books. I used pocket holes to attach them to the bottom, two pocket holes on either side for a total of four pocket holes for each divider. My bottom piece of plywood was slightly warped so I used weights to push it down flat while I used my nail gun to attach the 1x3s for the front and sides to the bottom plywood and the divider pieces.

Note- I did end up using 1x2s in each corner to secure the front and side pieces on and took a piece of hardboard to equally space the slats.

I recommend using your widest picture book when figuring out the spacing for your sections!

Once I had the body of the book bin assembled I added the metal hairpin legs to the bottom piece of plywood with the screws that came with them. I'll link similar ones below.


Plywood for bottom


1x10 for divider pieces or extra plywood cut to size


brad nails

wood glue



You could easily use an old drawer from a dresser you don't need anymore.

Click here for my pinterest board with more ideas for this project!

Another idea for an easy DIY is using a cubby storage case like this:

Then I would just add a 1x12 or scrap plywood to the bottom to reinforce it.

Screw the legs into the wood (lowes and home depot will cut boards to size for you!)

This would be such an easy, beginner DIY

You could also get wooden letters from walmart or Michael's and spell out

"__________'s Library" insert your child's name.

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