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DIY Carrot Wreath


(A cordless hot glue is where it is at! this one charges with a usb!)

My ribbon is from several years ago but here I'll link similar ones!

I removed all the leaves off the hydrangeas and cut them with wire cutters so that I had one hydrangea piece to attach at a time.

Taking the greenery and 1 hydrangea stem, I added them with wire and hot glue gun to get it started.

Once I had the top of the carrot attached I just added piece by piece in the shape of a carrot, using wire to make a loop for it to hang on.

I made a no tie bow and also wrapped a small piece of ribbon around the stem to hide wire and glue.

This cost me $37 since I already had the ribbon and only took 30 mins!

Save this to your pinterest board for future reference!


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