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Family Friendly Back Patio

I partnered with Lowe's Home Improvement to share with you all this outdoor space! All links are affiliate.

Links to items from Lowes:

Lemongrass (check your local Lowe's)

Lavender (check your local Lowe's)

We really wanted to create a space that we could gather as a family every day. I chose the metal dining set for durability with three little kids and love the faux wood finish. The woven material is coated in a water resistant material and the cushions remove to store them. The two end chairs swivel and rock.

I really wanted a safe way to hang string lights and this is what I came up with...

Directions for solar string lights:

Stained wooden rods with 2 coats of exterior stain.

Once dry we placed them in umbrella stands.

We used a cable string light kit from Amazon and attached hardware to each of the tops of the rods and along the house.

We fed the cable through and then used zip ties to attach the lights to the cables.

The weight of the lights were too heavy and the umbrella bases were starting to move.

I ordered some sand bags for canopies and we filled them with dirt from our woods.

They worked great!

I had to be strategic with how I hung the strands because I needed to make sure I could attach the solar panels to either a wooden rod or to the back porch decking on the opposite side of the patio.

If you have space under your deck to store stuff, I highly recommend doing a concrete pad under it. We are able to store so much outdoor stuff under our deck that would have needed a shed!

Our patio is just under 500 sq feet and we did a stamped concrete pattern with a stone veneer kneewall. It is absolutely beautiful and has held up so well over the past two years.

We bought our firepit area stuff a few years ago and honestly I don't recommend them. If I could go back I would have invested in higher quality chairs and a different firepit.

The grill is SO COOL. I have never been a fan of gas grills, especially with small children and a dog. The Pit Boss pellet grill runs on electricity and pellets. It's essentially an outdoor oven but you still get the smokey flavor and grill marks. My husband made the best grilled chicken thighs I have ever had the other night and my mouth is salivating thinking about it!

One of the coolest thing is it connects to an app on your phone and comes with a meat thermometer so you can keep an eye on dinner from inside the house.

Here are few progression photos before, during, and after we had the patio installed.

I am looking forward to making a ton of memories out here as a family for years and years.


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