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How to: Post with Retractable Hose

Supplies Used:

(Hardware for install included with hose)


Scrap wood

Tools Used:

Swipe through or click to see slideshow for how we installed the post:

Here is a diagram of how the post is set.

We felt confident in the dense, red clay, that we have in our ground that burying the post 1 foot would be sufficient.

Not only that, but the retractable hose has a bar that easily lifts on and off for quick removal. This means we will take it off and store it for the winter when the ground hardens and freezes, and the cement contracts in the ground.

Do what you're most comfortable with!

The deeper you bury the post and more cement you add, the sturdier it will be especially if the post is used for something load bearing like this hose!

A few things to keep in mind,

1) Using pressure treated wood is toxic! Make sure to have correct PPE and keep away from children.

2) If the wood is wet, you need to wait until it completely dry before painting or staining.

3) CALL BEFORE YOU DIG! In NC we have a hotline to call and have someone to come out and mark before any deep digging occurs, that way you don't hit water pipes or electrical lines.


Once the cement cured overnight, we used the template and hardware that came with the hose. Seriously, every company should provide a template! It made it so easy.

The retractable hose we used came ready to go out of the box. There was nothing to build or put together which was so nice!

When using the template, you can either mark the holes with a pencil and pre-drill or you can just hold the template up and pre drill through the holes. I tried both ways and they were fine.

After predrilling the holes, you line up the bracket and use a socket wrench to bolt it to the post.

I put all the bolts in a quarter of the way first and then went back and tightened them.

Once the bracket is installed, there's a bar that goes through the retractable hose and the bracket for easy on and off!

We will be storing our hoses in the garage through the winter!

We couldnt' be happier with how they turned out!

Let me know if you have any questions!

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