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Memorial Day/Fourth of July Wreath


Hot glue


Wire cutters

White Paint

Paint Brush


Paper plate

*My wreath was an old one I had bought on clearance from Target but the one I linked will work the same too!

I took everything off my old wreath and added the blue first. I used 5 blue hydrangea picks and just pulled the flower part off the stem and stuck it into the grapevine wreath and under the wire that held the wreath together. Once I had just under a quarter of the wreath covered in blue I alternated 1 white hydrangea pick for 1 red hydrangea pick. I did have to cut the red hydrangreas with wire cutters because that pick was different from the white and blue.

This was before I painted the stars and added them on.

I love how fluffy the faux hydrangeas were and that I was able to just stick them in.

You could totally hot glue them in if you wanted it to be more secure but I love making different wreaths so much that I might take this apart again if inspirations strikes. My front door is well sheltered so I don't have to worry about them coming out but if your door wasn't covered and it gets very windy where you life I would secure them better!

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