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New Year's Eve Ideas for Families with Young Children

Updated: Dec 27, 2023

If you have little kids and you're anything like us...

either your babysitters are too cool and have plans for New Years Eve OR you're just tired. Too tired to go out and too tired to stay up until midnight!

Here are some ideas to make staying in with your kiddos more fun!

Talk about what New Year's Eve is and why we celebrate it.

Talk about ALL the FUN things you did this past year and if you have time, take those 10,000 photos (maybe not quite 10k but if you have that or more, same!) and choose 10-15 from each month of the year to throw into a video with some fun music.

I love to use the InShot app, it's free, and it has the option to take music from a video on your phone.

(tap picture to enlarge)

So if you screen record whatever song you want from YouTube, InShot can take the song from the video and put it in the background of your picture slideshow.

I also love how on InShot you can just scroll all the way back to wherever your pictures start in January and then just tap them, as many as you want going through your camera roll until you get to your last few pictures, they all upload for your to edit, then you tap on the first picture and go to the Duration feature, and you can make your photo for 1 second to 5 if you want. I like to do 2 seconds, but then if you click on the DOUBLE CHECK MARK you have the option to automatically convert ALL of your images you added to the slideshow to that duration.

Then just go to the music button, tap the music note + icon, then EXTRACT AUDIO FROM VIDEO. Just adjust it to your liking or add another song if your slideshow video is long!

My next fun idea is TOAST YOUR KIDS!

Grab some cheap plastic champagne flutes, sparkling juice, and set your child up on a stool in the middle of the room while you and your partner and kids take turn toasting all the amazing things they did this year!

Here are some ideas:

New skills they learned- "Sullivan, this year you learned how to read and write and we are amazed at how quickly you picked that up."

Something scary they tried- "Averett, this year you stopped sleeping with the hallway light on and that was really brave!"

Any sort of character trait that they showed- a time they were responsible, independent, caring, kind, etc- Sullivan, remember all the times you didn't want to share your toys with your brother this year and you did it anyway? Didn't that feel good? etc...

Lift your plastic champagne flutes at the end and yell "Cheers to insert kid's name!"

Roll out some brown kraft paper on the kitchen table, island, coffee table, and make a load of finger foods/appetizers for dinner. Watch a New Years Eve movie and set it out on the kraft paper.

At the end of the night, which is around 7/7:30 for us, pull up an old Ball drop on youtube and countdown the new year. Blow up a balloon for each of you and hold it until it's times to should Happy New Year and release the balloons!

Or go outside and do sparklers/small fireworks in the driveway!

New Years Eve Movies/Shows:

A Very Merry Pooh Year

Happy New Year Charlie Brown

High School Musical- a stretch but it has the song "Start of Something New"

New Year's Eve Sesame Street

Peppa Pig's New Years

Arthur's New Years

There's also a Baby Shark New Years song and a Kiboomers New Years song! Also, I love a good kids bop playlist on youtube or spotify to have a dance party with!

If you're feeling crafty I save a whole Pinterest Board of ideas I found here.

Happy New Year's Eve,


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