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Simple + Modern Kraft Paper Roll Holder

Updated: Apr 5

I recreated the one I made in our playroom for our boys' shared bedroom. I plan to write Bible verses and encouraging quotes for them.

But this tutorial can work for any size paper roll! Great for calendars, bucket lists, seasonal decor, or grocery lists!


Paint pen (I picked gold)






(Ill add pictures later too, sorry mom life)

I cut 1 long strip of faux leather for the bottom, 1" thick and about 24" long.

Then I cut two 2" by 8" strips for the top to hang the dowel.

After those two were cut I marked the dowel and cut it with the miter saw but a hand saw or miter shears would work

Use a level to mark where you want to hang it.

Then hold up your dowel and leather hangers to mark where the drywall anchors will go. Make sure your marks are equal distance and level.

Install anchors then feed screws through hole in leather handles. Screw into anchor. Color top of screw head with paint pen.

Once both leather handles are on the wall, feed dowel through Kraft paper roll, hang on both handles.

Pull paper down to the length you want it and use level to mark where you want your strip to hold paper in place at the bottom.

Fold long 1" x 24" faux leather piece in half and cut it to the size that you want.

You'll make a small hole about 1/2" in from one end and mark where you want it on the wall. Make another mark in the same place on the opposite side.

Install drywall anchors and screws, color gold.

Then put the end on that you cut a whole for and stretch across to the other screw. Cut a small hole with scissors and place over the opposite screw. Trim off excess.

That's it! Let me know if you have questions!

(Posting this at 6.30 on Friday and will update it tonight after my kids go to bed with links and pics!)

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