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Unused Formal Dining to Sitting/Craft Room

I cannot get over the dramatic difference paint made in this room.

We went with Debonair by Sherwin Williams which is a sophisticated dusty blue that leans a bit moody and a touch on the teal side.

I added this box trim molding from Lowe's and the install went very quickly!

If you're wanting to add box trim or picture frame molding I highly recommend crown molding at the ceiling to bring it all together and also painting both the crown molding and baseboards the same color. If you're taking the same color around the entire room, I would also go ahead and paint your door/window casing trim the same color.

If you're feeling bold and brave you can do a total color drench and also paint any doors and the ceiling! I think a color drenched room is very cool but my husband wants the ceilings to stay white. Either way, you can't go wrong and it's just paint!

Here are the dimensions for our box trim accent wall:

You can also use this wainscotting calculator: inch calculator


Our couch is from Mantle Furniture.

It's the 90" Burke Sofa in Heathered Weave fabric in the color Quartz.

We went with this one because this performance fabric:

-Can be easily spot cleaned with soap

-Tightly woven to prevent pet snagging and hairs being caught in the fibers

-Is treated to be family/kid/life friendly

You can use code JP15 for 15% off any purchases on the Mantle website.

I am so impressed with the quality. This furniture is 100% hand-crafted here in NC by a family owned business.

The pillow combo is from Woven Nook.

2 Gracie in Blue in size 22"

2 Tan Basics in size 18"

1 Mabel in size 12"x 20"


I replaced the builder grade 'boob' light with this fandelier from Lowes .

*This is an evolving blog post and I will be coming back to it to post more details like the frames/sizes/spacing. I'll get the lamp, olive tree, and rug linked too!

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