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Viral Planter Hack to Mini Conversation Set for Toddlers

Did you know a pizza tray will fit perfectly on this viral planter?

When I saw someone share that they used that hack for a side table I knew I needed to make a little mini patio set for Koko!


cloth to wipe off tray before spraying

1/2 inch drill bit (this can go through metal)

hammer or pliers to get rid of sharp edges

Here's what I did:

-Mark the center of the pizza tray with a pencil and place on a cardboard box.

-Using your 1/2" drill bit, slowly drill your hole

-Unscrew the clamp from the umbrella and make sure it fits

-Use pliers or a hammer to make sure their are no sharp edges

-Sand the entire top of the tray and sides with the sandpaper and then wipe all the dust off

-Prime first (you want to aim for temperatures between 50 and 80 degrees, out of sunshine and wind) light sprays about a foot away. You only need two light coats of primer. Let it dry completely.

-Use light coats until you have full coverage of the top and sides of the tray

-Let it dry completely

-Screw the umbrella on top and the clamp on the bottom and place tray on top off planter

-Use planter for fun storage

Here's how the umbrella stays in the tray. It just unscrews right above the clamp.

I think I'll use a dowel and a little round piece of wood I'll cut out on the scrollsaw to make a plug for when we don't need the umbrella!

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