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Best Hack for Kids' Artwork

Updated: Feb 19

My best (non kept) secret for displaying all the masterpieces my kids make,

(click link to see a variety to choose from)

These are awesome because:

  • they hold so many things

  • you can hang large, small, weird shaped things

  • you can hang 3D collages

  • use them for a drying rack as well

You can spray paint them, or like I did, cover them with wood.

I used a 1x6x12 for both of these, cut small slivers off to put on either side of the ticket rack, used a nail gun to attach the little pieces to the wall first, then measured and cut the long piece to go in the front and nail gunned that on also. (don't forget to sand and stain before you install!)

I've also put two of these up in the kitchen and I gave those a light sand with a 220 grit sandpaper, wiped them down really well, then sprayed them with black spray paint. (this is my go to spray paint)

They should come with drywall anchors and screws to attach to the wall, but if not I recommend the ones that screw in with a drill.

I also love that you can change these out with one hand. It definitely makes it easier to swap it out, and with as much as these kids make, I needed something easy!

Let me know if you try this or if you have any questions!

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Christina Driver
Christina Driver
1월 30일

This is probably one of my favorite mom hacks you have done in the past! I plan to do these in the new house especially since I’m doing preschool at home with my boy! I’m currently using a fun pom pom garland from Target with close pins to hang is work because I needed something cheep, quick and temporary!! Thanks for sharing!!

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