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DIY Handwriting Practice Book

This is the blank menu I ordered and these are the wet erase markers.

Here are a list of freebies I used to create the handwriting practice book for my almost 4 year old.

Traditional Handwriting (customizable!)

Line Tracing Practice (click the download button twice, it took me to a different page the first time I clicked on it and then I went back and tried again and it worked)

A-Z tracing sheets (we are only doing 1 letter at a time until he's mastered it)

For the cover I used canva. For the design I chose a flyer and then in design I typed in dinosaur and edited a birthday invitation layout!

Here is the template if you want to change the name and use it!

This is mainly to give him practice with those fine motor skills and get him comfortable holding a pen. I personally wouldn't do this with a child younger than 3, and even then if they are having a hard time with their grip, I would ditch this idea for a while and practice with small, broken crayons on paper!

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