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Holidays with HART Tools

Updated: Dec 1, 2023

This Holiday Season I've partnered with HART tools to bring some Grinchmas Magic to our front yard. (all product links are affiliate)


I used a projector (that one is on sale right now) and HART's 20v Cordless tools to make yard cut outs!


-Scrap OSB and 1/4" plywood

-acrylic paint

-acrylic paint pen


Tools Used:





Step 1: Sand OSB. I used 80 grit, 120, then 220 to get as smooth a surface that I could.

Step 2: Trim any plywood pieces to size with circular saw, or if joining 2 smaller pieces together, cut at 45 degree angle where you want to connect them so the boards evenly overlap.

Step 3: use wood glue, weights, and scrap wood to join smaller boards together. I screwed scrap 1x4s to the back with the driver and wood screws. *Make sure your screws are not too long or they will go through to the other side.

Step 4: add 2 coats of primer

Step 5: use projector in dark room to trace design onto plywood. Be sure to trace the outline and the inside details of whatever you're going to paint!

Step 6: secure plywood to saw horses with clamps. Use jigsaw to cut out design and orbital sander to rub off any jagged edges

Step 7: for smaller detailed designs I used the trim router on the 1/4" plywood. I made 2 passes for each design.

Step 8: I used a black acrylic paint pen to outline my design and then painted with matte acrylic paint. I then went back over my lines again to clean it up.

Step 9: This is important! Since they will be outside in rain and sunshine you need to properly seal them. To keep any of your paint and paint pen lines from running or smudging, first spray with a clear spray can sealer, once that dries, then you can add a few more thicker coats of polycrylic.

Step 10: I used a mallet to put 1 metal fence post in the ground per cut out. Once the post was exactly where I needed it, I used wood screws to attach the wood cut out to the fence post from behind.

Step 11: The last step was adding the lights that the Grinch is pulling off our house. I used an entire 16 pack of exterior string light command hooks and two 50 count strands of Christmas lights. I linked the 100 count lights which I wish I would have used instead.


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Click here to watch the mini tutorial video on Instagram

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